Protect Your Home and Pets from Water Damage

Experiencing a plumbing disaster that results in a flood and major water damage is certainly not easy to handle. Although it may seem very hard at the moment, you mustn’t feel like everything is lost. You have to pull yourself together and protect your family and pets from water damage and this misfortune that has occurred. Your part of the job is to remain calm and take your kids and pets to a safe, dry place. After this, you must immediately contact an experienced plumber or a water damage restoration specialist to come to your assistance.

The Assessment of the Damage

The first thing a team of water damage restoration professionals will do when they come is evaluating the damage the flood has caused. This must be done in order to make a proper flood damage restoration plan and ensure your home will be once again safe to live in. The specialist must determine the cause of the flood and its source. The most common cause of floods is burst pipes, but they can also occur because of numerous malfunctions and anomalies in your plumbing system.

As we said, the first step that must be taken for a successful water damage repair is to evaluate the loss. You can be assigned one of the three possible categories, from lightest to the hardest. The first category is assigned when the water comes from clean, drinking water sources, such as your sink or pipes. This means the water doesn’t contain microbes and it’s not harmful to your health. Everything the professionals must do in these cases is to dry up the area. In the second category, water comes from moderately contaminated sources such as machine washers and dishwashers. It can also include a moderately contaminated toilet, as long as it doesn’t contain any urine or feces. Finally, in the third category, water comes from hazardous, contaminated sources such as sewage lines and highly-contaminated toilets filled with urine and feces. Unsanitary sources and floods such as these must be decontaminated and disinfected in order to make your home safe and livable again.

Area Decontamination and Mold Removal

After the assessment, the professionals can start cleaning up the water, drying out the area with special equipment and decontaminate the area if needed. In most cases, only certain, smaller areas need to be contaminated. If you are assigned to the third category, that doesn’t mean your entire house is highly-contaminated and dangerous for your health. However, you mustn’t intervene or interrupt the specialist while they are doing their work. Be patient and let them do their job. Since they are required to with insurance companies, they will also determine your property injuries and help you claim compensation for your loss. If there are any needs for mold remediation, emergency plumbers and water damage restoration specialist will also come to your aid.  Flood and water damage restoration is definitely something no one wants to experience and go through, but if this misfortune occurs, you should know that you can be in good hands if you decide to hire a professional to come to your assistance. With the right expertise and equipment, your home will quickly be restored to its original state.